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Hi! I'm Lovely Rose Kahanding, integrative and functional nutrition health coach, wellness advocate, lifestyle enthusiast, and lover of serendipity and synchronicities.

Sparked by my personal health journey and curiosity to dig deeper in both the physical and mental plane, I earned my Integrative Nutrition Health Coach certification with the Institute for Integrative Nutrition, and a graduate of Functional Nutrition Lab Full Body Systems with world-renowned Functional Medicine Nutritionist, Andrea Nakayama founder of Functional Nutrition Alliance and educator at International Functional Medicine Academy.

My mission is to build a no judgment sacred space, to help educate, empower informed decisions, share all things lifestyle and higher-self while encouraging you to trust and love yourself through the beauty of modern and ancient practices.

When I'm not reading on the latest and greatest in medical journals, reading books, zoning into podcasts, and discovering all the ways of our higher-self and self-love rituals, I spend my time in nature, gardening, farmer's market, libraries, family and strengthening my relationship with Spirit.





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