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Marilyn, Soulcycle Warrior + Principal for Napa Unified Distict

Every morning, I make Lovely Rose's signature G-Love Green Smoothie, a hot cup of water with lemon, and a healthy breakfast. My digestive system has improved immensely. I have more energy. My recent labs show that this green smoothie has helped to detoxify my liver and improve my digestive system. My doctor called me yesterday to validate all of this. I am a believer that sugar is my enemy--I just cannot have it anymore. I am grateful to Lovely Rose for reaching out to me; she is an exceptional nutrition/health coach. I could never do this journey alone.


Allison, Fitness Lover + Oakland Teacher

Lovely Rose Kahanding, just having the one conversation with you the other night, I have made significant changes and am working to stop calorie counting because it doesn't work! I'm feeling motivated, invigorated, and empowered! Thank you for listening so compassionately

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Ari, Petite Model + Head Make-up Artist

Thanks to Lovely Rose Kahanding for giving us the green smoothie recipe. My mom has been making it for me and I feel like my skin is glowing.

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