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I provide one to one virtual coaching, either as a one-off service or a month to month concierge service.


I also offer nutraceutical, botanical, and supplement consultations where currently I am offering 1 free consultation when you sign up for free with my dispensary. Sign up now below!


I usually start by taking a full health history, starting from before you were born, looking for clues that may play a role in your health status.

I can also look over your previous labs to provide some guidance. We then discuss next best steps and formulate a wellness plan using nutrition and lifestyle changes.

I am not a medical doctor, I cannot make diagnoses or give treatments but can work with health and detox protocols.

I can provide a lot of value in guiding you on achieving your wellness goals and can work with your current healthcare team.

*I am a CBD THC friendly practitioner and work with Integrative Oncology Patient Care.

free consult

Supplement Consultation

1hr free consult covering your current vitamin, workout, botanical supplements with complimentary recommendations in dispensary

initial consult

90 Minute Consultation

Fee Schedule

Initial Consult: $600

Follow up: $350

coaching packages

Coaching Packages

Monthly packages available depending on the complexity and health needs


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Reach out for general inquiries, partnerships, brand collaboration